Monday, 3 July 2017

Bestselling Verdelho Wines of Australia in 2016

Verdelho is a vine from Portugal. Its island of Madeira is known to have verdelho vineyards. Besides Portugal, the other country where its vineyards are present in significant numbers is Australia. Verdelho Grape cultivation began in Australia in 1820s. Earlier it was used in the production of fortified wines and later evolved as dry white table wine. Verdelho comes in 3 styles - dry, semi-sweet and sweet. Verdelhos are also a cheaper replacement for expensive Chardonnay. These wines go well along with spicy Asian dishes. Below video lists popular Verdelho Wines of Australia in 2016. These wines are to be enjoyed over casual meetings, with friends and family. You can check the details on the website (accessible from the link provided in the video description). 

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