Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Wine of Choice- Shaw and Smith Sauvignon Blanc 2017 Adelaide Hills

Shaw and Smith wines are known for retaining the terroir influence of Adelaide Hills region of Australia. This wine easily finds itself in the the list of Australia's top grade Sauvignon Blanc wines. Check out more details of this wine at:

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Good or Bad Vintages- Where Does the Buck Stop?

It is a matter of fact that people do not worry about vintages while buying wines, unless they are collectors or people who have exceptional knowledge of wines. For the general public, it really does not matter and there have been many studies to prove it. Experts have pointed out that there are good and bad wines but putting the blame on vintage might not be good.

It is a reality that the climatic and geo-morphological conditions do play a role in defining the type of wine. But, most experts believe that while climate might cause the difference, the role of wine maker is also crucial in creating the wine. To consider only climate as a parameter for judging wines in terms of good or bad might not be right. Whether wine has been made by a highly experienced and acclaimed wine maker or not is actually a more important consideration for that matter.

Certain winemakers can alter the dominance or pronounced characteristics of climate by manipulations such as adding yeast, adding enzymes and filtering wines. This nullifies the impact of climate and deliver same characteristic wines year after year, irrespective of the vintage. However, there are some other winemakers who would not interfere in the evolution of wine with time and would allow it to gain the pronounced characteristics of climate and region. This is reflected in the fruit and the wine itself.

So, while deciding on whether wine is good or bad, do not just have a look at the climate or wine region but also the person behind who is responsible for creating it. 

Wine Quote - Wine numbs minds

Whether wine and religion have any connection is a question for endless debate? Did our Gods drank wine or any other form of intoxication to help them meditate? Ancient cultures around the world have mentions of Gods having some form of intoxication. It is a fact that wine induces sleep. Is that state conducive for meditation because mind is rendered incapacitated to think of day-today issues? Does it prepare the ground for meditation and helps attain the connectivity with the Supreme Power? 

If any one of you has experienced it, please do share your experiences. 

Friday, 15 September 2017

Wine Quote- Savouring Droplet of History

Arid regions do not produce wines. Wine regions across the world, whether located on the plains or on the hills, do have access to right amount of water at the right time of growth of fruit. The Mediterranean climatic regions of the world are considered to be the best growing regions of wines. River valleys and their drainage and catchment areas are the best suited within these broad climatic zones.

Mediterranean climate is characterized by rainfall during the winter season. This type of climate derives its names from the Mediterranean sea. For this reason, the countries in Europe also have viticulture well developed for centuries. The wines from these regions are expressive of the terroir and having wines from these regions means savouring a droplet of river of human history.

Thursday, 14 September 2017