Thursday, 4 January 2018

Wine Quote - Wine brings cheers

Wine Quote - Wine brings cheers
Wine makes you forget the tensions, relaxes and makes an atmosphere of cheerfulness around!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Wine you can bank upon - RedBank Pinot Grigio

Redbank Pinot Grigio

Redbank produces cool climate wines from Victoria wine region. The winery has the following ranges under it –
·         Sparkling Wines
·         King Valley Collection
·         Long Paddock

Redbank Pinot Grigio is a part of King Valley collection. This range is characteristic of great palate length, elegance and purity of fruit flavour. The fruit of this range is sourced from high altitude vineyards of Alpine, Oven and King Valley of the Victoria wine region.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Wine with a royal touch - Plantagenet Three Lions Shiraz

About the Winery

Founded in 1968, Plantagenet is an Australian winery located in heart of Mt Barke, it is one of the oldest established winery in Great Southern. The winery is rated five stars by James Halliday.

Planatagenet Wine Range

Plantagenet has the following wine range from it –
·         House of Plantagenet
·         Museum Wines
·         Three Lions

Three Lions range exemplifies power and quality. The logo which is visible on the label of the wine(in image) is taken from the coat of arms of Plantagenet royal dynasty of England.

The wine from this range Plantagenet Three Lions Shiraz has soft velvety tannins with red currant and boysenberry characters. It pairs well with cured meats.

Plantagenet Three Lions Shiraz

·         Bouverie Vineyard
It was the first vineyard to be planted in 1968. It is named after founder Tony Smith’s mother Helen Pleydell Bouverie. The vineyard is covered in 9 HA.

·         Wyjup Vineyard
This vineyard has significant importance and also the backbone of the Plantagenet range. The vines are covered in the area of 21.15 HA.

·         Rocky Horror Vineyard
It took two years to clear the site of massive boulders that were present. In 1999, vine plantation took place. Total vine cover is of 32.4 HA.

·         Crystal Brook Vineyard
This site similar to Rocky Horror Vineyard had to be cleared first of the boulders. These rocks after getting crushed were reused by mixing into organic matter. They were then added back to the soil. This entire process helped in making the vineyard soil fertile.

·         Rosetta Vineyard
This vineyard site was bought in 2001 and is located 15 km west side of Mount Barker.

Plantagenet and environment sustainability
·         To improve the overall health of the soil, the winery grows nitrogen-fixing crops between its vines.
·        The winery avoids the use of fungicides and chemicals and instead, sheep are used to graze the vineyard during winter months.
·       To improve the ventilation, an effective vine canopy management program is in place to limit the fungal attack on the vines.
·       The byproduct of grape pressing consisting of seeds, skin, and stems that is rich in organic matter is reused to improve soil health and its water holding capacity.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Completely Rocking - Rockbare Shiraz

Rockbare Shiraz

About Wine

Rockbare Shiraz consists flavours of blueberry, dark cherry and mulberry with hints of spicy, clove and dark chocolate truffle. Enjoy this wine with rare roast beef, lamb racks.

About the Winemakers

Shelley Torresan is the winemaker of Rockbare Winery. After completing her Bachelor in winemaking from the University of Adelaide, she traveled extensively to France and California, getting hands-on experience in winemaking before joining Rockbare. At the winery, she is focused is on making wines that are bright-fruity and that reflect the regional style.

Peter Fraser the consulting winemaker for Rockbare. He oversees grape sourcing, grape picking and blending decisions at the winery. He was awarded James Halliday Wine Companion Winemaker of the Year in 2016.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Unbelievably good - St Hallett Faith Shiraz

St Hallett Faith Shiraz

About the Wine

St Hallett Faith Shiraz matched well with grilled lamb chops or Pasta along with Bolognaise sauce to get the best out of this wine. Cellaring it for up to 5 years is recommended.

About the Winery

Lindner family was established in 1944. During its initial days, the winery was drawn towards the production of fortified wines. After a successful first vintage of Old Block Shiraz, the winery slowly shifted its focus towards premium table wines and earning appreciation for it too. Like other popular wineries of Barossa region such as Lehmann, Melton & Burge and Rockford, St Hallett too narrowed its focus to producing region’s key varieties such as Shiraz.
After having built a strong relationship and good understanding with grape-growers of the region the winery has access to fruit from the vineyards as old as 100 years.

The winery is committed towards environmental sustainability through recycling and soil conservation.

·         It has a cellar door which has been recycled from the materials of the old cellar door.

·         The winery also makes good use of the grape skins left after fermentation by converting it into organic fertilizer and grape stalks which is converted into compost and can be used again in soil and crops.