Thursday, 28 December 2017

Completely Rocking - Rockbare Shiraz

Rockbare Shiraz

About Wine

Rockbare Shiraz consists flavours of blueberry, dark cherry and mulberry with hints of spicy, clove and dark chocolate truffle. Enjoy this wine with rare roast beef, lamb racks.

About the Winemakers

Shelley Torresan is the winemaker of Rockbare Winery. After completing her Bachelor in winemaking from the University of Adelaide, she traveled extensively to France and California, getting hands-on experience in winemaking before joining Rockbare. At the winery, she is focused is on making wines that are bright-fruity and that reflect the regional style.

Peter Fraser the consulting winemaker for Rockbare. He oversees grape sourcing, grape picking and blending decisions at the winery. He was awarded James Halliday Wine Companion Winemaker of the Year in 2016.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Unbelievably good - St Hallett Faith Shiraz

St Hallett Faith Shiraz

About the Wine

St Hallett Faith Shiraz matched well with grilled lamb chops or Pasta along with Bolognaise sauce to get the best out of this wine. Cellaring it for up to 5 years is recommended.

About the Winery

Lindner family was established in 1944. During its initial days, the winery was drawn towards the production of fortified wines. After a successful first vintage of Old Block Shiraz, the winery slowly shifted its focus towards premium table wines and earning appreciation for it too. Like other popular wineries of Barossa region such as Lehmann, Melton & Burge and Rockford, St Hallett too narrowed its focus to producing region’s key varieties such as Shiraz.
After having built a strong relationship and good understanding with grape-growers of the region the winery has access to fruit from the vineyards as old as 100 years.

The winery is committed towards environmental sustainability through recycling and soil conservation.

·         It has a cellar door which has been recycled from the materials of the old cellar door.

·         The winery also makes good use of the grape skins left after fermentation by converting it into organic fertilizer and grape stalks which is converted into compost and can be used again in soil and crops.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

The Tempting - Thorn Clarke Sandpiper Shiraz

Thorn Clarke Sandpiper Shiraz

Winemakers at Thorn Clarke winery deeply believe that the wines are made in the vineyard and not in the winery. Producing award-winning wines – one such wine from its Sandpiper range is 2016 Sandpiper Shiraz. Recently it has won awards at few wine competitions. Some of which are listed below-
  • Sandpiper Shiraz is gold medal winner at 2017 New World Wine Awards.
  • The wine has also won Blue Gold at Sydney International Wine Competition 2018 and silver at New York World & Spirits Competition 2017.Sydney International i
About the Winery
Established in 1987. Founders and owners of this winery are David and Cheryl Clarke. David Clarke previously was the chairman of AustralianVintage Limited, once Australia’s second largest wine company. Cheryl’s father Ron Thorne owned some of the oldest Shiraz vineyards in Australia dated to 1854 as per the records. Six generations of Thorn-Clarke family have been into winemaking.

The family has 270 hectares of vineyards spread in Barossa and Eden Valley making them one of the largest grape growers in the region.
It is a 5-red star rated winery by James Halliday. Peter Kelly is the winemaker.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Versatile Wine - Willow Bridge Estate Black Dog Shiraz

                         Willow Bridge Estate Black Dog Shiraz
Willow Bridge Estate Black Dog Shiraz exhibits aromas of prunes, dark chocolate along with herbal scents and sweet spices in the background. The palate has a sweet richness to it with tannin finish. Sip this wine with spicy sausages and hard cheeses to enjoy the best out of it. Overall, a versatile and a well-balanced wine.
About the Winery
The winery got established in 1997 by Jeff and Vicki Dewar. Located in Ferguson Valley.The winery rose in popularity both locally and internationally with its first vintage in 2000. Today, it produces 18,000 cases of wine per year with an annual crush of 450 tonnes.

It is a 5-red star rated winery by James Halliday. Kim Horton is the winemaker.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Intelligent Winemaking - Yangarra Estate Shiraz

Yangarra Estate Shiraz

Yangarra Estate Vineyard Shiraz 2015 exhibits aromas and flavours of blackfruits and dark chocolate. Powerful structure and smooth texture. Grilled lamb and beef stew makes a nice pairing with this wine.

The 2014 vintage of the same wine has been awarded 96 points in James Halliday Wine Companion 2016 and remarking it as ‘highly intelligent winemaking’.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Zonte's Footstep - Lake Doctor Shiraz

Zonte's Footstep Lake Doctor Shiraz 2015 has aromas similar to ladies handbag and tastes like men's wallet.
The first vintage of this wine was produced in 2003 and this is the 13th consecutive vintage of the blend.
It is a great wine to be consumed young and cellaring will help it too. It is present with medium high 
alcohol levels of 14.5%. Pairs well with grilled foods.

The full name of the wine includes 'Lake Doctor' which is the name of the vineyard present on the shore of Lake Alexandrina in Langhorne Creek region of Australia.

Zonte's Footstep Lake Doctor Shiraz

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Know about Montepulciano Wines


What is Montepulciano?
It is an Italian red wine grape variety. After Sangiovese, it is the second most planted grape variety in Italy. 

Montepulciano grape has its origins in Tuscany, Italy. Its origins should not be confused with the village by the same name as Montepulciano village does not feature any vineyards of this grape variety.

Where is it grown?
It is grown in central and southern Italy in the regions of Abruzzo, Marche, Latium, Molise, Umbria regions. It is hardly grown in North Italy and the reason being that the grapes tend to ripen late and cannot be harvested early as they are ‘excessively green’ during that time.

Montepulciano Wines Australia

Montepulciano grape is beginning to find prominence in various wine regions of Australia, particularly warmer regions, such as Riverland, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and many wineries have started producing wines of this grape varietal. Few of the popular names are Banrock Station, Bird in Hand, Mr Riggs Wine Company, Taylors etc.

Key characteristics about the grape?
Montepulciano grape variety is a late bloomer. It takes more time to ripen that other grape varieties and with proper viticulture in place tends to reward the producer with high yields. It is resistant to diseases and can withstand warm and cool climatic conditions.

Common Flavours of Montepulciano Wines?
Red Plum, Oregano, Sour Cherry, Boysenberry and Tar are some of the commonly found flavours in these wines.

Cellaring Potential of Montepulciano wine?
Montepulciano wines have a cellaring period of up to 5 years.

Serving Temperature of Montepulciano?
For young Montepulciano wines (2-3 years) containing fruit flavors, the ideal temperature to serve is 16 - 17 degree Celsius whereas the appropriate temperature to serve older wines can vary between 18 – 20 degree Celsius.

Montepulciano Food Pairing?
Montepulciano is a delight for meat lovers as it cuts the meatiest of meats such as beef brisket. It tastes well with cheese such as baked macaroni and cheese, Parmesan and taste equally good with stuffed baked potato and roasted mushrooms.

Two Australian Montepulciano wines – Mr Riggs and Bird in Hand have also won Gold medals at International Wine Competition in London.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Gapsted Wines- The Power of Seven

Gapsted wines is located in the State of Victoria near Myrtleford. It was established in the year 1996 when seven wine industry families joined hands together to form Gapsted Wines. The families found the region best suited for the production of complex red and aromatic white wines. The seven founders of this winery were Shayne Cunningham, the Bailey family, Jim Moularadellis, John Cavedon, Pat and Kevin Murtagh, Bill Moularadellis and Richard Carson.

Gapsted Wines Region
The winery is in the Alpine Valley in the north east Victoria region. In the region are two valleys located - Alpine Valley and King Valley.
The Alpine valley is located at an elevation of 150m – 1500m. Total 8 wineries are present in this region with vines spreading over the area of 500 ha. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the 4 most widely grown grape variety in the region.
Alpine Valley was selected as a winery site for its stunning Alpine view and proximity to cool climate fruit.

Matt Fawcett is the chief winemaker as well as the CEO. Besides having a degree in Viticulture and Oenology(Winemaking), he has over 28 years of experience in the wine industry and worked across various wine-regions such as Riverina, Hunter Valley, Murray Darling etc.
Toni Pla Bou is the senior winemaker in charge of making white wines. He has worked in wine-regions of Yarra Valley, Riverina, and Swan Valley and in various wine-regions of France.
Michael Cope Williams is the senior winemaker in charge of making red wines. Highly experienced, he has made sparkling wines for 30 other Australian wineries. Has also worked in wine-regions of France, Napa, and Oregon in the USA.

Wine Range
Gapsted wines has wide range of production. It produces red wines, white wines, sweet wines, sparkling wines, aged wines and fortified wines. Below is the table representing wines with its corresponding range -
Type of wines
Red Wines
·         Ballerina Canopy
·         Dividing Range
·         Hidden Story
·         High Country
·         Limited Release
·         Rosedale
·         Snowy Creek
·         Tobacco Road
·         Unlabelled
·         Valley Selection
·         Waterstone
White Wines
·         Ballerina Canopy
·         Coldstone
·         Hidden Story
·         High Country
·         Limited Release
·         Snowy Creek
·         Tobacco Road
·         Unlabelled
·         Valley Selection
·         Waterstone

Sweet Wines
·         Coldstone
·         Gapsted Fruity
·         Tobacco Road
Sparkling Wines
·         Ballerina Canopy
·         Coldstone
·         High Country
·         Limited Release
·         Tobacco Road
Aged Wines
·         Ballerina Canopy
·         Limited Release

High Country and Piccolo range are the latest to be added by the winery.

Awards and Recognition
The wines have won 25+ Trophies and 81+ Gold Medals both local and abroad over the years.
It has been awarded ‘Best Alpine Winery’ for six consecutive years.

Cellar Door
The cellar door was built in 2001. It previously has won the ‘Best Winery Cellar Door’ by Victorian Tourism Awards.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Penfolds Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon - Wine Par Excellence

Penfolds Bin 407 Cabernet Sauvignon of 2015 vintage is a premium red wine which has been oaked in French and American oaks. Another specialty of this wine is that it has been made with fruits of different wine regions of Australia. So, it is a multi-vineyard Cab Sauv wine. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Wirra Wirra Wines – Rebuilding from the ruins

Wirra Wirra winery was established in 1894. It was originally owned by South Australian cricketer Robert Stangways Wigley. For the first few years the winery performed well, and its wines were exported to England. During that period, it produced an acclaimed Shiraz. In 1926, after Wigly’s death, the winery eventually closed. In 1969, the winery was rebuilt by the combined efforts of Greg Trott and cousin Roger from its remnants. Three years later, the winery produced its first wine - The Church Block, under Greg’s guidance.
Its vineyards are present in Adelaide Hills which is home to cool climate wines and the McLaren Vale region which is known for its microclimate and a Mediterranean climate.
There are 6 vineyards under the winery. These are - Nocowie, Scrubby Rise, Chook Block, Woodhenge,’73 Block and House Block.
The winery incorporates organic and biodynamic practices. It has received certification in year 2013 from NASAA Group which is an International and Australian Organic Certifier.
Wirra Wirra wines has taken important steps towards sustainability. Few of them are listed below -
·         It is a member of Australian Packaging Covenant which is an initiative to reduce the amount of packaging material entering waste lines.
·         It reduced the consumption of electricity by 50% and cut down carbon emission by 60% during 2013-2014.
·         The winery has planted 4700 trees in the region since 2011.

Major Wines
RGT Collection
           Catapult Shiraz
           Woodhenge Shiraz
           12th Man Chardonnay

           Angelus Cabernet Sauvignon
           RSW Shiraz
           Absconder Grenache

Mr. Wigly
           Mrs Wigly Grenache Rose
           Mrs Wigly Moscato

Scrubby Rise
           Scrubby Rise Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
           Scrubby Rise Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
           Scrubby Rise Chardonnay

Awards and Recognition
The winery is rated 5 red stars by James Halliday and its cellar door has been awarded as a Star Cellar door by Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine.