Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Growth of Shiraz Wines in Australia

Let us first take some general statistics of wines industry in Australia. This will help us understand the role of Shiraz wines in this island nation. About 60 percent production of wines in Australia is exported to other countries. Of the remaining 40 percent wines which are consumed in Australia, it is the wines from small wineries which see good domestic consumption and helps them remain afloat.
Red wines sales have grown in bottled form whereas white wines sales have grown in cask form. Recently, there is a surge in wine exports figures in terms of value which has shown that premium red wines and premium white wines are more in demand from Australia.

The Shiraz Performance

Australia witnessed an increase in plantings of Shiraz grapes in 1980s and 1990s which can be attributed to success of Australian brands like Jacob Creek and Lindemans in UK and Rosemount in UK and US. Government began to give tax subsidies to wineries planting new vineyards which boosted the planting in 1990s. With the yield of 422,430 tons of Shiraz grapes in 2005-2006, Shiraz became the most planted variety in Australia. And with this, Australia became the second largest Shiraz grape grower, just behind France.

By the year ending June 2016, Shiraz and cabernet sauvignon together notched up $727 million of export revenue together, making these top selling grape varietals.

Popular Shiraz Wines in Australia

Popular Shiraz / Syrah Wines in Australia
Popular Shiraz Wines in Australia

There are many popular shiraz wines available in Australia. These include the ones from brands such as Penfolds "Grange", the Henschke "Hill of Grace" and the Penfolds "RWT".

There has been a recent increase in demand for the organic wines. Important organic shiraz wines are produced by Coastal Estate, Tamburlaine, Yalumba, Gardeners Ground, Mount Horrocks and others.

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