Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Does Biodynamic Farming Relate Only to Lunar Cycles?

Biodynamic wines are in trend. These wines are formed by using the grapes that are grown on the principles of bio-dynamism. Biodynamic agriculture is practiced in consonance with the happening or the non-happening of certain cosmological events. This type of farming is based on the principle that cosmic processes and events have an influence on our being. These cosmic events could be anything from a lunar cycle to a solar cycle. In most of the farms where this type of farming is practiced, it is the lunar cycle calendar which is drawn up for aligning different activities with different phases of moon.
It is to be noted that the cycle of moon and its gravitational pull exerted on earth do have a bearing on life processes of earth, from humans to biological agents. This force is responsible for creation of tides- high or low and the effect can also be witnessed in human bodies which comprises of 70 percent water. The same can be true even for plants, and particularly so for the grape vines. And, the same is also true for biological agents. But, is it only the lunar cycles which shall be considered? There are other forces present in the universe which also have a bearing on our lives. Do these have to be counted as well? Well, solar phenomenon and its cycles are one of these. Will these have any impact on the biodynamic farm practices and on wines made from these? Surely yes, but why are elaborate calendars of same not prepared in same way as lunar cycles.
Apart from these, do we have any other phenomenon which is to be considered? Even if these are to be considered, what farming activity shall be aligned with which of these. How will all of these together be taken into account? This would require an innate knowledge of astronomy as well as farming in order to know which farming activity does well under what all cosmic phenomenon.

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