Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Locale Restaurant of De Bortoli Wines Yarra Valley Estate

De Bortoli is one of the foremost winemakers of Australia. Rooted to the ground and to its traditions, this First Family of Wine in Australia runs a restaurant in its Yarra Valley Estate vineyard. The restaurant has kept alive the famous dishes and cooking methods of Italy and brings the finest of Italian food to its guests. Called the Locale Restaurant, this provides all types of wines along with the delicious cuisines to the people. The restaurant is open only for lunch from 12 PM onwards from Thursday to Monday. However, it is open on Saturday both for lunch and dinner from 12 PM and 6 PM respectively. The restaurant has also won Gourmet Traveller Wine's Award for Best Cellar Door with food. The people who come here to enjoy the Italian and Australian delicacies also relish on the best Australian wine experiences. The food menu is quite elaborate and is divided into 3- a La Carte Menu, a Vegetarian Menu and a Children’s Menu. There is also a list of de bortoli wines which are offered to the guests along with the food. Quite interestingly and understandably so, the wines menu is more elaborate than any of the food menus. These are given below.

A perfect place for relaxing and going out on a welcome break from routine, the Locale provides a perfect ambiance for wine and food lovers.
Vegetarian Menu

Locale Restaurant - De Bortoli Winery- Vegetarian Menu by justwines on Scribd

The Locale Restuarant- Wine List- De Bortoli Wines by justwines on Scribd

La Carte Menu at Lacale Restaurant- De Bortoli's by justwines on Scribd

Children s Menu- De Bortoli Wines by justwines on Scribd

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