Friday, 16 December 2016

Sauvignon Blanc Wines- Pride of New Zealand

The earlier post was on the Sauvignon Blanc grapes growing regions in Australia. Now, let us gain some information about the famous regions in New Zealand where this wine varietal is grown.

It is said that if it is Sauvignon Blanc, it has got to be the New Zealand one. Such is the reputation of this wine varietal that the name of the country has become synonymous with the wine variety. There are quite a few wine growing regions in this tiny country of two islands but some of them, where Sauvignon Blanc variety of wines is grown, are a lot more popular than the others. Marlborough wine region has a place of pride among all other Sauvignon Blanc wine regions of New Zealand.

The history of this wine in New Zealand dates back 30 years when this white wine variety was first grown. Marlborough region was its first home. The terrain and geography of this place was suited for the growth of wine grapes. Sandy soils over the underlying limestone shingles were one of the most preferred locations for growing this grape. From the very beginning this wine has been described variously by people. Some call it pungent and dry, some others call it herbaceous. The regional differences in the nature of soil further add to the differences in flavours of Sauvignon blanc wines. The diversity of vineyards is due to these geomorphological variations. Heavier soils impart a more herbaceous taste but these ripen late. However, the ones which are grown in stonier terrain ripen early.

Besides Marlborough, the other famous regions for growing Sauvignon Blanc wine grapes are Waipara River region, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay areas. The local influences of terrior are significant. These are also reflected in the taste of its wines. 

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