Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Verdelho- Grapes and Wines from Australia

In the 15th Century, Verdelho grape was grown primarily on the island of Madeira and Douro Valley in Portugal. However, the vines were damaged by Phylloxera plague which led to significant reduction of vines.
Verdelho arrived in Australia in the 1820s and was initially used in the production of fortified wines but which later evolved as dry white table wines.
Australian wines are known for flavors of honeysuckle and lime and an appearance of oil on the surface of wine that comes with aging.
In Australia, the grape is popular and grown in regions such as Cowra, Langhorne Creek, Swan Valley, Queensland, and Hunter region, among others. Each region gives its own unique flavors to the wine.
Climate and Flavors
Verdelho grown in cooler climate have herbal and grassy flavors and substantial presence of citrus fruit. On the other hand, Verdelho grown in a warmer climate have higher alcohol content, sweeter and has fruit salad flavors.
From viticulture point of view, the grapes need to be protected from the attack of powdery mildew. The vines can be harmed by cold weather conditions such as frost.
Similar sounding grape varieties
One should not be confused with similar sounding grape varieties such as Verdelho Tinto which is a red grape variety in Madeira, Verdelho Feij√£o of Portugal, Verduzzo which is an Italian grape variety and Verdejo which is white grape of Spain.
Value for Money
A great value for money compared to expensive Chardonnay. One can enjoy good quality Verdelho wine by shelling out $20 for a bottle.

Verdelho wines are best consumed young. 

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