Monday, 17 April 2017

Interesting ways in which people search for wines

If you are a wine e-tailer, well that is a terminology for the online wine shops that sell directly to consumers, then you shall know what are the different ways in which people search for wines online. Understanding how the people are searching for wines can help in creating more relevant and meaningful webpages which can improve the sales. These highly relevant pages reduce the search time of the consumers and they can zero-in directly on the wines they are looking for. So, let us discuss some of the ways in which these are looked for on the web.
1.      Based on appearance and feel- If you are an online wine shopper, you would have most commonly noticed that the wine e-stores provide the facility to shop according to red, white, sparkling and fortified wines. Then, there is the category of mixed wine packs. These are dependent on the final look (wine colour) and feel of the wine.
2.     Alcohol percentage- People also look for wines based on what is the percentage of alcohol content in the wine. This depends on alcohol tolerance. Most of the wines are made within the 15 percent alcohol mark. There are the low alcohol red wines as well as low alcohol white wines. Further, wines of more than 15 percent alcohol content are high alcohol ones. These can also be red or white.
3.     Price per bottle based- Another common way in which the people hunt for wines on the web is by per bottle price. Quite naturally, it is the cheap red wines or the cheap white wines which are below the $10 per bottle mark which are the most sought after ones. However, there could be people who are looking for super premium red wines or expensive white wines.

4.    Based on how these are made- Wines differ in their variety based on usage or non-usage of certain components. And, people search wines based on their preferences or tastes. Here you have the organic, the vegan, the fruity, the preservative-free and other such wines whose nomenclature is directly related to how these are made. 

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