Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Learn a Few Basics of Organic and Vegan Wines

What Is Organic Wine?
Simply speaking, organic wine is produced from grapes that have been grown ‘organically’. Broadly, this means that no artificial or synthetic (Read: chemicals!) fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides have been used. As you can probably imagine, growing grapes organically requires the implementation of a completely different set of farming practices at the vineyard.
 Maintaining high productivity of organic grapes means that farmers increase the vineyard’s biodiversity to prevent and eliminate pests & weeds, since usage of chemicals is not an option. Think of methods such as sheep grazing between the rows of the crop, to ‘eat away’ weeds, or the farmer introducing a cover crop to provide habitat for an insect species that is the natural enemy of the trouble-maker. Essentially, organic winemaking uses farming practices that our forefathers used to employ for making wine, before the Second World War.

Why Should I Drink Organic Wine?
1. As you can probably judge by the above discussion, the benefits of organic wines include minimal exposure to dangerous chemicals. However, not just you, but farmers stay healthy too, since they are not required to get in contact with these substances!
2. Let us add to the previous point that wine grapes get even more pesticides than regular grapes.
3. Non-organic wines contribute to groundwater and soil contamination.

What Are Some Good Australian Organic Wines?
Some delicious organic Australian wines include Botobolar Preservative Free Shiraz, Hochkirch Pinot Noir, Carlei Green Vineyards Chardonnay, Botobolar The Duke Petit Verdot and so on!

I Am Vegan. Can I Have Organic Wine?
Not necessarily! This is because many animal-derived products, such as gelatin, albumin (Egg white) and casein (Milk protein) are allowed for use (as fining agents) in organic wines. These fining agents are placed over large wooden tanks, known as vats, to gather sinking particles and keeping them out of the suspension.

What Are Some Vegan Organic Wines?
If you are vegan, organic wines safe to consume would be Angove Organic Chardonnay, Babich Headwaters Organic Block Sauvignon Blanc, Battle of Bosworth Puritan Shiraz, Brogsitter Organic Feinherb Riesling and so on (check here)! Enjoy!

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