Thursday, 23 March 2017

Are Preservative-free Wines Really Worth Celebration?

People have begun to understand the benefits of all organic food. The fact that there is no harmful chemical used in growing this type of food is the single most important reason for people preferring all those items which are not using chemicals, wholly or partly. Preservative-free wines are one of these products which is one of the latest craze for wine lovers. Wineries in Australia are also increasingly developing these wines.

Preservatives are added to the wines to prevent the growth of microbes and to prevent the oxidation of wine. Both of these damage the wine and render it useless for consumption. There is a need for adding preservatives in order to keep these in check. These preservatives could be the alcohol, the acid, the sulphites and even the ascorbic acid. Out of these it is the sulphites which are marked as unhealthy for consumption. Many wine experts believe that singling out sulphites for being unhealthy is wrong and they give a number of reasons for clarifying their position in this respect.

The sulphites are in use for a long period of time and even the ancient and medieval period wine-making involved the use of sulphites for preserving wines. Even if you were to dismiss this argument on the pretext that the people at that time were not very much aware of its negative impact, the next argument put in defence of using this compound in wine is that there are insignificant number of people who are allergic to wines. In fact, people could be sensitive to it but a vast majority among them are not allergic to it. So, it is a very small part of population world over which could be somewhat impacted by wines made using sulphur dioxide.

Another argument used by the people is that the preservatives used in dry fruits contain more sulphites than those present in the wines. So, they do question the rationale of removing these from the wines and allowing wines to be amenable to damage by microbes.

Irrespective of the defence put forward, people still prefer buying the preservative-free wines, in short, those wines in which the sulphites are not present.

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