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Sauvignon Blanc - Grapes and Wines from Australia

Sauvignon Blanc has its home in Bordeaux region of France. In early times, it was indigenous ‘wild’ grape variety in South West of France. The corresponding French term for ‘Wild’ is ‘sauvage’ from where the wine got its name.

‘Sancerre’ was the name of Sauvignon Blanc before it had hit the Paris bars and bistros in the twentieth century. This name had been derived from French wine appellation where it had first appeared. In the 1980s, saw the emergence of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc which captivated the attention of people for its reasonable prices and refreshing, crispy taste.

A trend of wine drinkers switching from Chardonnay to Sauvignon Blanc Wines is seen in recent years.

The grapes when exposed to high heat which in today’s world is common due to global warming, the grapes get over-ripped early which has forced farmers to harvest them sooner.

The vines can be found in Loire Valley and Bordeaux regions of France, Australia, South Africa, Chile, California, Central Europe and Italy.

Some of the well-known Australian Sauvignon have come from Tasmania, Adelaide Hills, New South Wales, and Victoria. Western Australia is popular with its refreshing Sauvignon/Semillon blends.

Climate and Flavors
Cooler climate grapes likely produce flavors of tropical fruit and floral notes. In a warmer climate, grapes may lose aromatic notes if over-ripped and may be left with tree fruit and grapefruit notes.

Food Pairing
Can be enjoyed with cheese or fish when the wine is chilled and well with Sushi which pairs with select few wines.

Other Names
Known by Blanc Fume in France, Muskat-Silvaner in Germany and Austria, Sauvignon jaune, seventy on blocks in certain regions.

Popular Wines

Some of the best Sauvignon Blanc Wines are Babcock Vineyards in Santa Barbara, Les Belles Dames, Cloudy Bay and Dog Point in Marlborough, Didier Dagueneau's Silex in Pouilly-Fumé, Henri Bourgeois' D'Antan in Sancerre, Henri Pellé in Menetou Salon, Araujo Eisele Vineyard in Napa Valley, Shaw + Smith in Adelaide Hills and PHI Lusitania Park in Yarra Valley.

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